Frequently Asked Questions

Does eQuoo give me a medical diagnosis, medical advice or treatment options?
We recently successfully underwent a 5-week, 3-arm randomized controlled trial with over 350 participants to prove our claims that eQuoo enhances our player’s mental well-being. But until we have official accreditation through the health regulatory bodies in your country, please do not use eQuoo to self-treat mental illness of any kind. If you are feeling unwell or living with a diagnosis and feel like you need more support, please reach out to your GP.

What Do you have any quality control for us to know the app is safe?
The app has been reviewed by ORCHA and received a top score rating for the application. We’re very happy about this certificate as ORCHA is the UK’s leading health app assessment platform.

What do you do with the data you collect through the app?
We do not collect data from the app: all of your data is stored on your phone alone, we have no access to who you are or what you are doing in the app.

How do you make sure my data is safe?
Because we do not collect data, the responsibility for your personal data is yours. We strongly advise you to set up a passcode for your phone and try not to lose it.

How regularly do you update and review your advice and guidance within the app? And who does the reviewing?
The app is updated and reviewed regularly, at least quarter yearly. The development side of the game is monitored by the development team at Bitbox Studios, the content by Silja Litvin, a licensed psychologist and her team of accredited psychologists and psychiatrists

Is the app involved in a clinical trial to see if there is ‘real world’ effectiveness?
Yes, eQuoo is at the beginning of being tested clinically. Over the course of 4 weeks a randomly chosen group of participants will be distributed into a test and a control group. They will be tested if their resilience and life satisfaction scores increase after using the app. The results will be published in a peer reviewed journal with open access for everyone to read.

Has eQuoo been through end user testing as part of its design and development?
Absolutely. During the alpha testing, our development company, Bitbox Studios, worked with professional focus groups to help design the app. After launching the beta, the app was tested over 4 months in Australia and New Zealand in a public beta. (During their nights, we were able to fix bugs so that they could play the game smoothly their next morning). Over 4000 users help develop the app, report bugs and we have had 23 updates since January 2018. In our over 100 app reviews in the Android store you can see that we have answered all reports of bugs and worked on delivering the best product possible.

How do you deal with user issues?
If you have any issues with eQuoo, PLEASE send us an email: Your email will be answered within 48 hours by founder Silja Litvin personally or her team.

Some of the writing is a bit small, how can I read it better?
We’re very sorry for this inconvenience: screen space is scarce, and we are an interactive story game, so it’s hard to fit everything on one page. We will add an easy reading feature soon, so please bear with us.