thank you so much for your interest in eQuoo, and well done for reaching level 5! Based on the evidence from our clinical trials, by this point you should be noticing:

A boost in Resilience

Improved Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Lowered Anxiety Levels

Improved Personal Growth Skills


As promised, please find the Emotional Bids e-book attached, and as a response to the COVID-19 self-isolation, we're offering a 100% discount code for in-app purchases until August 2020, should you choose to deepen your skills.


100% Discount code

Just go to the eQuoo in-app store and choose the top package, “Redeem Code”. Enter the code EQOTMZH to apply the discount.

Create Impact

We also wanted to share with you some good news about our little start-up: we recently secured funding which will allow us to develop eQuoo V0.2. The new eQuoo will offer a whole year of gameplay, with new levels, stories, and skills, as well as a wealth of additional features like being able to design your own avatar! We’ll be offering eQuoo on a subscription basis at a price point of between £6.99 and £12.99 a month. Since you signed up, you’ll be the first to get news on our progress.


Since we’re a small team, this will take time, but we’re looking for super-users like yourself to join our focus group. Each time you help us out by answering a few short questions, we’ll give you a star. If you collect 5 stars, we’ll reward you with a FREE LIFETIME PASS FOR EQUOO

If that sounds good to you, please join our focus group now: filling out the form will earn you your first star.

We’re thrilled that you have enjoyed eQuoo, and are looking forward to staying in touch with you in the future.

Best Wishes,

Silja Litvin

Clinical Psychologist
CEO and Founder of eQuoo