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Proactive Mental Health Care Positively Affects Job-Seeking

You’ve just graduated, you know everything there is to teach at a college, university, or apprenticeship about your field, and you’re excited and ready to enter the work force… right? Not always. Not even the best internship can give you the experience and implementation skills you need to succeed. Procedures, expectations, and responsibilities vary from company to company and the stuff you learned in school won’t always apply.

That leaves jobseekers and businesses in a bind: how to be or find the right starter for the job?

Andrew Dean, Director at Menlo Park, an award-winning Health Care and Health Tech Recruitment Consultancy, says that while education points job starters in the right direction, it doesn’t always predict a good fit with a company.

Many of the psychological skills at the heart of eQuoo—including resilience in the face of adversity, perseverance in the face of boredom, and the ability to get along with one’s peers, colleagues, superiors, and others—are essential for success in any workplace.

When considering a young applicant, most companies have little to go on because of a lack of experience in the workforce, no referrals beyond educators, and no key performance indicators (KPIs), or milestones reached. And a mismatch is VERY expensive; Deloitte told us that replacing a single operator in a call centre can cost up to £25,000, or more. From an employee’s perspective, being hired into the wrong job, without a good skill or personality fit, can leave a mark on motivation and self-confidence. Not to mention starting the job search process all over again.

We wanted you to have something concrete to show for your time spent building your resilience, personal growth skills and playing eQuoo. That’s why we added the

eQuoo Emotional Health Certification of Achievement

to our game. We’ve partnered with Professor Michael Unger from the Resilience Research Centre and Dalhousie University to give every player who sticks with the same for seven weeks of gameplay (that’s 15 -20 minutes per week of playing a level of eQuoo) their own personal signed certificate. You’ll receive a PDF that you can post on LinkedIn or add to your CV to demonstrate that you’re committed to working on your resilience and personal development. This will indicate to your future employers that you have the skills to acquire the abilities your education may not have given you but are needed for your new job.

When we asked Andrew Dean if it would be beneficial to show an employer that you have participated in personal development and resilience training, he thought the idea was brilliant. Andrew says:

“There is no such thing as a stress-free work environment; a job will always present certain challenges. Stress can be both a good and bad thing, depending on how you deal with it; it can induce focus and high levels of performance, but it can also invoke anxiety and low levels of performance, if not managed appropriately.

Resilience – the ability to respond to pressure, deal with setbacks and overcome challenges, is a very important attribute employers look for, when making hiring decisions. When you have emotional resilience, you have the ability to adapt to new situations, which is crucial when you’re starting a new role.

Acknowledging the importance of resilience as a key characteristic that employers look for, combined with being able to evidence it with an eQuoo certificate, will demonstrate proactivity in relation to personal growth, and set you apart from other applicants.”

With that – and more – in mind, we made sure that eQuoo helps players gain those skills and also be able to show for it. So, keep playing, just a few more lessons and you’ll have something to take home beyond gems!

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